Table Saw vs Miter Saw – 2021 Review and Buyer’s Guide

by Jul 26, 2020

Table Saw vs Miter Saw Reviews and Expert Recommendations

Our 3 Top Table Saw

Best Selling

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch

  • 10 in. Job Site Table, Rolling Stand, Push Stick, & Miter Gauge.
  • Telescoping fence rails retract to create a small, portable package.
  • On board storage system provides easy access to the site.

Our Top Pick

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

  • 3 HP table saw has triple-belt drive for efficient operation.
  • Stationary tool comes with manufacturer warranty of up to 2 years.
  • 4,300 RPM centered blade designed to cut through wood.

Premium Value

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw – 10 Inch

  • Powerful 15 Amp saw has a wide 30 in. ripping capacity.
  • Worksite table saw delivers 4.0 max HP to rip 4 Ft. sheet goods.
  • Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand provides mobility, easy set-up.

Our Top 3 Best Miter Saw

Best Selling

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

  • 12″ Compound Miter Saw, Blade Wrench, Dust Bag, 12″ Carbide Blade.
  • Adjustable Detent Plate, Cam Lock Miter Handle & Detent Override.
  • Compact, lightweight design (56 lbs.) allows for easy transport and storage.

Our Top Pick

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10″ Single Bevel Compound

  • 0 to 52 degree miter angle range to the right and left for increased flexibility.
  • 0 to 45 degree bevel range to the left to provide clean and accurate bevel cuts.
  • 15 Amp motor delivers high power for the toughest cutting jobs.

Premium Value

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound

  • Stainless steel miter detent plate with 14 positive stops.
  • Precise miter system and machined base fence support.
  • Tall sliding fence supports 5-1/2 in. base vertically.

The Best Table Saw vs Miter Saw Review on the Market.


Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

Shop Fox W1819 is our number one pick because we trust all of the features that it comes with. It is sturdy and can be used to saw a large number of wood types. It has a 3-hp motor, and it will work any kind of project that you feed to it.

The product also comes with some beautiful safety techniques. This includes a polycarbonate guard; this guard allows you to view the blade all through the time you cut through the wood.

The raving knife that comes with Shop Fox W1819 does not allow kickbacks, which results in injury sometimes. It is difficult not to love this top table saw with such power and also provide much safety for its users.

It is quite easy to assemble as you receive the package; you can package it alone even if you are the only one working. It comes with a perfect dust port that will do an excellent job of taking the dust and shaving away from your work area.

One major thing that keeps this table saw from being all perfect is the miter gauge. Many table saws usually come with a cheap miter gauge; users will be left with no option but to upgrade. Since you can upgrade the miter gauge, then the table saw is near perfect already.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is mighty
  • And has some excellent safety features
  • It comes with a beautiful dust port.


  • Low-quality miter gauge


DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch

When you want a good table saw for good money, then the DEWALT (DWE7491RS) is the best option. One thing you should know about this table saw is that it is designed to be very portable. This implies that if you move from one workshop to another or one job site to another, then you will appreciate this model. However, it will still work fine if you set the machine down in one workshop, only that you will be missing out on its best features. It comes with a power saw and has a powerful force, especially when you consider how easy it is to move it around. Alongside this, it has an outstanding feature that moves dust away, especially when you want to see something inside the house. However, the table is below the average size of other table saws. But I guess this was done to ensure that the portability is not compromised and the size won’t be a set back at all. Like the other motor saw models, this model also comes with a low-quality miter gauge. But you can upgrade that anyway, so it is not much of a problem. The fact remains that if you want a table saw that you would be moving around, then this DEWALT (DWE7491RS) is something you should consider.


  • It comes with great portability
  • Its power is comparable
  • Comes with a right dust port


  • Small table size
  • Low-quality miter gauge


Bosch Power Tools 4100XC-10 Table Saw – 10 Inch

Table saw that are portable are best known to be very competitive; Bosch has also brought out its model of portable table saw. The Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 comes with high durability since it has a trustworthy standing frame. It also comes with an oversize wheel that provides a secure method for rolling it through the shop.

It is also durable and has some right sturdy blade, and this gives the ability to work with hardwoods like oak and walnut boards. It comes with a suitable kickback mechanism and an excellent guard for the blade.


  • Durability
  • Excellent safety technique


  • Soft start feature


Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10′ Single Bevel Compound

This product provides excellent value for money. This is unlike some units that are expensive but do not give the feel.

Hitachi C10FCG comes with a laser, which is very useful for some users, especially those experienced in using the table saw.

It is also lovely that you have some confidence while using the table saw, and the Hitachi C10FCG provides that. The machine can deal with just anything you want from it because it comes with high power.

But even if it comes with a dust collector, it doesn’t do a thorough job in providing a neat workplace. If you are using the machine outdoor, this should not bother you much.

The model doesn’t have a detailed instruction manual. But miter saws are quite easy to put together if you have done it before, you won’t have any difficulty with this.


  • Comes with laser
  • Powerful


  • Poor dust collector
  • Poor user manual


DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound

This product is loved because of the capacity to make short works adorable. It provides the ability to do precision works and provide detailed trim work. It has a 15amp motor power, which, of course, is impressive. The weight of the DEWALT DW715 is reassuringly heavy and not too much. If you are doing precision work, you will appreciate this machine because of the standard bevel angles that it has; o, 33.9, 45, and 48 degrees are marked out. It will sometimes be challenging to say that other tools are quiet because of the sound made during work, but the DEWALT DW715 is super cool because it does not produce disturbing sounds. It also comes with much steel in the design, and this interprets that it will last longer. It doesn’t come with lightly used for alignment. However, this should not be a big deal. The miter gauge is also a cheap one, and you should consider improving on it when you buy the DEWALT DW715.


  • Has good power
  • It is precise
  • Quiet operations


  • Doesn’t come with laser or light
  • Has miter gauge quality


DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

It comes with a dual horizontal rail that has an innovative system of the clamp. The ball bearings are sleek and will deliver a final smooth and accurate work. It has a thick fence, which is adjustable and stainless miter plates that comes with ten stops.

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw comes with an innovative gearbox and belt that increases vertical cutting ability. Base support is mechanized and robust and has a right follow up system.


  • Powerful; with extended power and durability


  • More substantial than other conventional table saws

Buyer’s Guide: How We Selected The Best Table And Miter Saw

1. Size

The size for portability was used to select the best for you. We also put into factor the need to have a large working area. Hence you may have a smaller working area if your table or miter saw is built to be portable.

2. Precision angles

All tables and Miter saw listed here have good precision angle cutting. We consider the quality of work you will be doing since how precise the angle is will affect the quality of work.

3. Portability

For those who will be working from place to place, this factor was also considered, and we recommended one table, and Miter saw each that will be suited for moving around.

4. Power

All Miter and table saw ought to be robust to help improve work efficiency.

What is a Table saw?

A table saw is a powerful tool. It comes with a blade mounted under the table while the blade protrudes from underneath to the top of the table. The blade of the table saw is held in place by an arbor driven by an electric motor. Table saws usually provide the platform to support the item that is cut.
The table saw is the best tool for those who frequently work with a large piece of material. They come with their stand and are quite stationary.

Table saw Attributes

  • There is flexibility in cutting
  • Quite easy to use
  • It is heavy and awkward to move around
  • Proper for ripping boards and also do smaller cuts
  • Doesn’t have any ripping limitations and can do cutting across the width
  • Have a limited bevel cut
  • Can do angle cuts

How to use a Table saw

Before you use a table saw, ensure that you have a nose, ear, and eye protection and do well to read through the user manual. The danger usually occurs when you want to start feeding the blade.

Ensure your fingers are away from the blade; some persons will use a small wood to serve as the pusher, which gives them safety for their fingers.

Another danger is the kickback; this happens when the blade pushes the wood back to the user. To avoid this effect, standing by the side and not directly in front of the blade.

Ensure you wear your protective gloves and tight-fitting clothes. Do not wear any loose clothes to operate your table saw.

What is a Miter saw?

This is a different kind of saw; in this case, the saw blade of the circular saw is brought to the object you are cutting. They are quite easy to operate, and they are fast to use. Also, you can use the saws with one hand. A miter saw is a good option for those who have lesser work to do and jobs for cutting boards that are not more than 12 inches wide.

Miter saw Attributes

  • Can do bevel and angle cuts
  • Has a limitation to cutting narrow boards
  • Proper for trim, pictures frames, flooring and other narrow cuts
  • It is easy to transport and lightweight
  • It is easy to use

How to use a miter saw

This is a whole lot safer than the table saw. To begin, ensure that you mount this blade securely on the concrete floor and ensure that you set the angles correctly so that the saws can cut quickly and precisely. Check the bevel and keep your fingers from close to the blade. If you are cutting a small piece of wood, you may likely want to use another wood to hold the first one. Ensure that your hands are free from the blades at all times.

What Are The Differences Between A Table Saw And A Miter Saw?

  • Table saws are well suited for large pieces of wood than Miter saws
  • Miter saws are more precise at cutting angles
  • Miter saws are also better for cutting bevels
  • Width of blame determines the length of the cut for miter saws
  • Miter saws are portable
  • Table saws are not as precise as the miter saws
  • A table saw can have kickbacks which can be dangerous
  • Table saws are more expensive and versatile than miter saws

Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider When Buying

1. Safety

Ensure you look out for your protection and those around the house. If you want to go for safety, then the miter saws are the best recommended. If you have children at home who may likely play to the workshop, then it is wise to put it under lock and key

2. Versatility

The specificity of your project will determine what you can buy. Also, check if the table or miter saws can do a little bit of each kind of cuttings; this should determine what you should buy.

3. Budget

You can also consider the cost to know which to buy; miter saws are way cheaper than table saws.

4. Size of project

The type of project should also determine what you should buy. While the table saw can handle large work areas, miter saws cannot

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the blades interchangeable?

It depends on the saw itself; both tables and miter saws use a 10 inch or a 12-inch blade. And if the inches are the same, then they can be interchangeable.

2. Which is better for crosscuts?

You cannot use a miter saw to crosscut a slim wood, e.g., plywood.

3. Which is better for flooring?

The table saw is better for flooring; a miter saw can also do a reasonably good job, but the problem will be the angle of the cuts

4. Do I need a stand for a miter saw?

No, you don’t.

5. Why are table saws so dangerous?

Table saws are dangerous because of the chances of kickbacks. So, care ought to be taken when you are feeding the blade for the first time.

6. Why does my table saw kickback?

Kickbacks are usual for the table saw, and it happens when you feed your table saw blade for the first time.

Closing Thoughts on Table saw vs. Miter saw

You are located, and the right features you need should be considered before you decide which to buy either the miter saws or the table saws. If you are a craft man who is quite mobile, then you should consider a tabletop or a machine that has wheel support; At the same time, those who are working in a station may find other additional features over mobility function.
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