12 Best Portable Table Saw Stands Review and Buyer’s Guide 2021

by Jul 26, 2020

Best Portable Table Saw Expert Reviews

Top 3 Best Portable Table Saw Stands

Best Selling

DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

  • Features 3-position pneumatic-assisted raising and lowering
  • Durable tubular steel construction supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Rubber grip wheels provide for easy portability

Our Top Pick

DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand
  • Rubber feet keep the stand from sliding on smooth surfaces
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction withstands loads up to 200lbs
  • Large heavy-duty wheels can easily roll over jobsite debris

Premium Value

Bosch GTA500 Folding Stand for 10-Inch

  • Exclusively compatibility with Bosch GTS1031
  • Lightweight, 14 lb. stand can be easily carried one-handed
  • Folds flat for convenient transport/storage

Best Portable Table saw stands comparison chart

Best Selling

Our Top Pick

Premium Pick

Product Image Dewalt DWX726 Miter Saw Stand Dewalt DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand Bosch GTA500 Folding Saw Stand
Product Name Dewalt DWX726 Miter Saw Dewalt DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand Bosch GTA500 Folding Saw Stand
Material Steel Steel Steel
Length 25 inch 34 inch 23 inch
Weight 67lbs 33lbs 76lbs
More Information Buy It Now Buy It Now Buy It Now

Best Portable Table Saw Stands Reviews on the Market.


Our Top Pick

DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand

The Dewalt table stand is our pick for a portable table saw stand and can be used for many different tasks. It is quite heavy, but the 33 pounds can still be moved around.

The kickstand that comes with it is well fitted for proper balance when it is upright. This provides room for proper storage and mobility.

The legs are one of the beautiful features of this table saw stand, as it is built to fold easily for adequate storage and provide reasonable feed control.


  • It is lightweight
  • It has foldable legs which can collapse on storage
  • It comes with a quick connect stand brackets


  • Cannot accommodate a considerable weight


Premium Pick

Bosch GTA500 Folding Stand for 10-Inch

It is a leading brand that has made a quality portable table saw stand. It comes with a quality product that gives a 10-inch top to fit the saws. The table construction is lightweight. In total, the table weighs about 14 pounds. This makes it very easy to carry a lasting design without damage; the legs are also well-spaced and stable.


  • It has folds that provide for secure storage
  • Its legs are wide and suited for reliable stability
  • Lightweight and durable with a robust design


  • Weight may not be able to support more massive pressure on it


Best Selling

DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

This is our best-selling portable table saw stand because of the design that comes with it. It has rubber wheels that provide you with the opportunity to have quick job mobility. It is suitable for all men of craft, especially farmers, those that install and carpenters. Any professional who would need a saw stand will find this tool very useful. It is also easy to put together, and this reduces the downtime to a large extent. The unit comes with durable steel construction, and this allows going for a 300 pounds weight capacity.


  • It is easy to put together


  • The wheels are not strong enough


BOSCH Portable Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand T4B

The stand is durable and performs a high standard. Its new features ensure that it is precise and has a lot of enhancement. This bosch usually comes equipped and with a smart guard system that augments its performance. It comes with a sub-base that is used to carry handles, which further provides portability. It also has an arbor lock system, which makes the blade quick and effortlessly work, just as the riving knife blocks the material from touching the table.


  • Comes with a sub-base to carry handles
  • Has an arbor lock


  • Sub-par miter gauge


Makita 194093-8 Adjustable Portable Table Saw Stand

Makita products are quality and durable, so also is this; if you are searching for a proper table saw stand, and this is the right bet. It provides you with the option to work with different types of saws.

It comes with a durable wheel, and you will be able to move your table saw around with this. It also has telescopic support that makes it easy for you to feed the table saw blades.


  • It comes with a 5-level height adjustment
  • It also has a cylinder that helps to adjust the pressure
  • Thick frame gives the table saw the sturdiness it needs


  • Has a lot of features and can be cumbersome to operate


Bosch TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand

Bosch TS2100 table saw stand allows you to work at the height that you want to. With this table saw stand, you will not have to suffer from backaches and any fatigue that comes from standing at awkward heights. The technology to set it up is quite tremendous and well-detailed. You also have the option to fold it when you are done working.


  • It is lightweight and can be moved freely
  • It will allow loads of up to 250 pounds


  • Cumbersome to use


DEWALT DW7450 Table Saw Stand for DW745 10-Inch

This table stand has all the features you will need for a table saw stand. It has most of its parts made of steel; hence it has been built to last long. Using this stand even when you cut through hard applications, you will be sure that it will give you excellent stability. It comes with a bar hardware holes already drilled, which makes working more comfortable, especially when you are securing the saw; as soon as you are done setting up this stand, you will have a working height of about 33 inches.


  • It comes with a footprint and excellent stability
  • Design is collapsible and easy to store after use


  • Cannot take much weight


Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand for Smaller Portable Saws

The 2780 model was used to replace 2745, and 2700 models table saw stands. It is appropriately designed for those that have a small table saw stand. It is quite lightweight, and it is easy to move around. To buy this stand, your tool has to have a depth of 24.5 inches.


  • Have features that support better accuracy
  • Lightweight and easy to move about


  • Too much specificity


SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

This table saw stand, is the perfect stand for those with the SPT70WT table saw. It is stainless steel made hence quite durable. The table saw is also lightweight and easy to move about, and setting it up is very easy since it helps secure the saw very quickly. It comes with a brass geared worm drive, which gives it much power and torque. It has a self-aligning feature that boosts its precision cutting.


  • Powerful and durable
  • More precise


  • Cannot take much weight


Delta Power Tools 36-6020 10" Portable Table Saw with Stand

This table saw stand comes with a unique aluminum feel. It is one of the most comfortable tables saw stand to use because it comes with lots of features that allow it to be used with a wide range of saws. It comes with good access to the on and off switch for easy startup and shutdown.


  • The aluminum top is extended
  • It comes with a guard and fence storage
  • Easy access to on and off switch


  • Cumbersome to operate


DEWALT Table Saw Stand for Jobsite, 10-Inch (DW7451)

This table saw stand comes with heavy gauge tube steel that makes it easy to work with strenuous jobs. The folding of this model makes it easy to store after use. It comes with a footprint that has a dimension of 19 by 31 inches which has a way of positively impacting the stability


  • Comes with a support bar


  • Specially designed to work with DW7450 table saw


DEWALT Table Saw Stand, Mobile/Rolling (DWE74911)

This stand will fit in properly into the different Dewalt table saw you have in your shop. This rolling design will reduce the effort needed to move it; it comes with a durable rubber wheel that is well fitted for the tires. They help to improve mobility. These wheels will also help you to load and unload carts from the vehicle too.


  • It is very lightweight coming at a 5lbs weight
  • It is durable and made from steel
  • You can also use it for easy loading and offloading from a vehicle


  • Cannot take much weight

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Buyer’s Guide: What to consider when buying a portable Table Saw Stands

1. Compatibility

While it is okay if you get a table saw stand that you can use on a different table saw yet it is essential that you get a table saw stand that will work best for your table saw.

2. Variable speed

Table saw stand that can provide you with stability with the different table saw functions is what you should seek to get.

3. Portable

A table saw stand that is easy to move around should be what you set your mind to get; do not get anything that will provide difficulty for you to move, especially when your table saw is mounted.

4. User-Friendly

A table saw stand will need to be user-friendly and will also easy to set-up. You will not want a stand that will take the whole time to set up when you have much other work. A table stand that can be set-up and closed-up in few minutes should be your ideal target.

5. Overall Construction

Check the materials that are used to make the table saw stand. This will help you determine the strength and the durability of the table saw stand. You should also go for stands that are collapsible after use as this will save up space for you.

6. Weight

When you are looking into portable stands, having a proper weight is very important. You will need a table to is light enough to carry around and, at the same time, have enough weight to support the table saw. Using a heavy table stand can make it challenging to move around.

7. Width and Depth Cutting

Consider how deep you can cut and how full the cutting can be with a particular stand before buying it. The rip capacity is essential too.

8. Drive types

Checking the drive types is also critical in assessing how easy it is to move your table saw stand around. Ensure the drive types are easy to move about.

If not, you will experience some strain when moving your table saw around.

The drive types will determine the smoothness, and the efficiency of the table saw, and there are usually two types of drive.


  • Direct drive;
  • in this type of drive, the blade is connected to the motor; this way, the motor transfers its powers to the blade. In this type of drive, there is no loss of power. But it comes with much vibration and noise when compared to a belt drive. Direct drives are smaller and lighter in weight and are also safer. But they are suited for smaller jobs.
  • Belt drives;
  • it uses a V-belt through a pulley system that transfers the power. It gives higher power and torque and is recommended for higher and heavy-duty jobs. They are less safe to use and much more costly.

9. Safety Features

The table saw should provide you with some good options for you to keep yourself safe when working with your table saw. This feature can include quick asses to the on and off button of the table saw, or a soft pedal to place your foot on.

Other types of Table Saw Stands

1. Fixed Table Saw Stands

Just as it is in the name, these stands cannot be moved. If you have your workshop and spend some time doing your work, this stand should be your best bet. It is quite firm and sturdy; however, they come with wheels just if you want to do some movements.

2. Adjustable Steel Stands

Most users love this stable stand because of their sturdy construction; with this construction, they are durable and able to last for a long time. Because of their longevity, they will give you muscular flexibility. They come in compact sizes and with a foldable design. Usually, they come with different styles and have wheels too that will aid movement.

3. Aluminum Table Saw Stands

These stands are usually the same with another adjustable wheel stand. But the significant difference is that this table stand is generally made of aluminum, which is very light and durable. This kind of stand can be used for different cutting since it is very compatible with different saws of the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all stands have a quick connect system?

Usually, not all stands come with a quick-connect system. If you need a particular model that comes with that system, then you should search for one. Some table saws will require you to use bolts to add the table saw to it.

2. Is it necessary to remove the saw from the stand when storing it?

Although there is no harm in leaving your table saw on the table stand when storing it, yet it is recommended that you remove it. It will create a better convenience for you to store your saw and the stand.

3. Is there a stand that is compatible with all saws?

Yes, some manufacturers make stands that are compatible with a large variety of table saws. When you are shopping, you must specify the kind of table saw that you are using before purchasing a stand.

4. How do I clean the stand?

You should follow the manufacturers guide if you want to clean your table saw stand. But you can clean your table saw using a clean towel to wipe down.

5. Do I need a stand for a table saw?

Yes. Before you use your table saw, you will have to attach it to a stand to provide support and flexibility of use. It can be risky to operate a table saw without a table saw stand.


Having a good table saw stand is an important feature that will improve your table saw experience. There are lots of information already about table saws, and there are reviews for each table saw stand listed here; you should go through and make an excellent fitting choice. From all the models here, the Dewalt DW7440RS is the standard most portable table saw stand; it comes with lots of features, and many table saws can use it. If you can invest in this table saw stand, you will surely not have any regrets. You should also understand that the table saw is a dynamic market, and it is always being updated. But the key to buying the best for you is how well you understand the intricacies of your work and your preferences.
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