Best Laguna Table Saw Review and Guide 2021

by Jul 26, 2020

Best Laguna Table Saw Reviews and Expert Recommendations

Our 3 Top Laguna Table Saw Picks of 2020

Best Selling

Laguna F1 Fusion Table Saw
  • 1.5HP TEFC Motor.
  • 110V, Single-Phase, 60Hz Power Requirement.
  • Fusion Dust Collection System.
  • Polished Cast Iron Table.
  • Included Tools & Integrated Tool Storage.
  • Included 10 x 60T Carbide-Tipped Blade.

Our Top Pick

Laguna F2 Fusion Table Saw

  • 1.75HP TEFC Motor.
  • 110V, Single-Phase, 60Hz Power Requirement.
  • Fusion Dust Collection System.
  • Cabinet Mounted Design.
  • Included Tools & Integrated Tool Storage.
  • Included 10 x 60T Carbide-Tipped Blade.

Premium Value

Laguna F3 Fusion Table Saw

  • 3HP TEFC Motor.
  • 220V, Single-Phase, 60Hz Power.
  • Fusion Dust Collection System.
  • Industrial Cabinet, Fence & Trunnions.
  • Included Tools, Tables & Integrated Tool Storage.
  • Included 10 x 60T Carbide-Tipped Blade.
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Ted woodwork banner

Laguna Fusion Table Saw Comparison Chart

Best Selling

Our Top Pick

Premium Pick

Product Image Laguna F1 Fusion Table Saw Laguna F2 Fusion Table Saw Laguna F3 Fusion Table Saw
Product Name Laguna F1 Fusion Laguna F2 Fusion Laguna F3 Fusion
Motor 1-1/2 HP, 12 Amp, Single Phase 1.75 HP 3 HP
Power Requirement 110 V, Single Phase, 60 Hz 110V, 1-Phase, 60Hz 220V, 1-Phase, 60Hz
Table Dimensions 27"L x 20"W 27"L x 20"W 27"L x 61"W
Extension Wing (2x) 12" x 27" 27"L x 12"W (x2) 27"L x 12"W (x2)
Motor Speed 4000 RPM 4500 RPM 4500 RPM
Weight 200lbs 275lbs 385lbs
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The Best Laguna Table Saw Reviews on the Market.


Our Top Pick

Laguna F2 Fusion Table Saw

This Laguna series is a more precise and refined model of the F1 series. It also appears cleaner than the F1 series. It is robust and comes with a versatile fence. It has a mechanically assisted blade.

This new design comes with a redesigned trunnion and arbor controls. The controls dwell more on the durability of the saw, and it promises to last long.

Product Features

  • The buttery is smooth and comes with a precise arbor; the bearings are permanently lubricated.
  • The dust collection is located at the top and bottom of the device, and it is sealed and prevented from leaking.
  • The cabinet is rugged and very easy to adjust. The fence is made up of aluminum, and it provides special use with aluminum rip fence alongside the miter gauge.
  • It also comes with a convenient spindle lock that gives room to change blades.
  • It comes with cast iron wings and tables
  • it comes with a reset switch. It has a raving knife included; a miter gauge is also included.


Premium Pick

Laguna F3 Fusion Table Saw

This is an advanced version of the Laguna F2 table saw, and it is formed with a cast iron; it has an upgraded handle and miter gauge. The fence is 36″ and comes with an extra cabinet that will help improve its sturdiness.

You can flip the fence to a flat position, especially for cutting through veneers and other thin materials. The wheels and cast height support the fold-down handles, and it runs for proper adjustment.

Product Features

  • It comes with a heavy steel fence that will support its durability. The cast-iron trunnion is used to support rigidity and improve the ease at which the table will be adjusted.
  • It comes with a precise harbor adjustment.
  • Arriving package comes with a premium miter gauge.


Best Selling

Laguna F1 Fusion Table Saw

This fusion table saw is one of the best brands that you can get; it comes with reduced noise and reduced vibration.

Anyone who wants a portable saw will like to use this Laguna F1 fusion table saw. It is also made with cast iron tables with a precision T-fence.

Product Features

  • One of the features that the F1 fusion table saw has is the zero-clearance throat plate that comes in a rectangular shape for easy change of blade.
  • It comes with a convenient spindle lock that is cool for blade changes.
  • Blade dust comes with a small enclosure that is cool for proper extraction
  • It also has onboard storage that is good for proper storage.


SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

This table saw comes with a table saw stand; it comes with a self-aligning rip fence that will create room for accurate measurements.

The length of the cord for this device comes at a 6ft. The heavy-duty steel is installed to ensure fast set-up and for fast transportation.

Laguna Tools Fusion Table Saw General Features

1. The design

The laguna model is one of the neatest brands in the market. It comes in compact types, and the features are innovative. One of the striking features is the fact that it comes with storage.

Many tables saw does not provide any storage whatsoever, but Laguna models offer all of that. Although the storage is not with lots of capacity, yet it is a safe place to keep your fence.

It comes with built-in wheels that will help in moving it around. The fact remains that it is equipment that is mounted on 4-wheels; the wheels, by the way, are not very quality; hence you should not rely on them to provide excellent support when moving the table saw around.

You can use the 4-leg knobs to adjust the machine to meet your preference, which is very easy to do; in summary, the Laguna fusion design is solid and stable.


Having a large tabletop for your table saw is a useful feature; it will provide more room for you to operate. This is quite important when you want to work with things like plywood. A cast iron table will go round the surface without any sag. It also prevents the working piece from vibrating while working.


The fence is the main feature of a good table saw. It is quite essential that your table saw have a tool that will help for self-centring; it ought to glide smoothly and will not deflect. This product, Laguna, has this feature that makes it stand out.


Some table saw will need you to put your shoulder around it because their adjustment is stiff. But the Laguna products are much easier to operate. The adjustment processes are quite easy and fast.


The push stick for all laguna products comes in for extra security and convenience. Hence it is an excellent feature that mounts to the fence of all laguna products.


Some tables saw blade guards are not thick and would sometimes bend into the saw when you are working with a small piece. However, Laguna comes with a high-density laminate that adjusts perfectly to the top. It also locks properly and has enough space for the riving knife.

2. Dust collection

This laguna model comes with a 4-inch dust collector. By placing an affordable industrial vacuum on the machine, you should be able to keep your work area neat. This add-on will help you save costs since you won’t have to spend on premium components to make your workspace tidy.

3. Safety

It comes with safety options, but these features are far from being impressive. The standard security features are included, but it is not much at all. The anti-kickback feature is effective and straightforward, and it is not as complicated as it is for a much-sophisticated table saw.

The laguna table saw comes with spacious and secured; hence it doesn’t have to cause unconvinced when dealing with big woods. The on and off button is positioned well that you can easily push it with your knees. The button is also large enough to reach it when you encounter a problem during work quickly.


Professional woodcutters will usually prefer the fusion brand. It comes with a perfect unit and a lot of features that make the table saw more accurate and precise. As long as you use this unit correctly, then the safety is manageable.

The laguna fusion also comes with a price that you won’t break the bank for; sometimes, it is surprisingly underpriced but cannot be cheap. But you will find the value in the price it is currently placed at.

People who have experience know how to use the full potential of the saw as soon as they start working.

But some others who are less experienced usually encounter problems. The machine is not hard to use, especially if you follow the manual that comes with it.

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