Best Microwave Drawer Reviews for 2021 – The 12 Top Brand

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Our 3 Top Microwave Drawer Picks of 2020

Best Selling

Sharp KB6524PSY Microwave drawer 24″
  • Front-mounted touch controls
  • 1000 cooking watts 
  • Two preprogrammed reheat settings 
  • Auto-Touch control panel
  • Pull/push handle 

Our Top Pick

Sharp SMD2470ASY Microwave drawer 24″ or 30″

  • Keep warm feature 
  • Child lock for safety.
  • Sleek low-profile design.
  • Concealed control panel 
  • Pre-programmed reheat function 

Premium Value

Sharp SMD2470AH Microwave drawer 24″
  • Low sides and virtual Carousel
  • Auto-defrost & sensor cook functions
  • Low-profile stainless steel design
  • Drawer blends in your kitchen 
  • A concealed control panel

Given that different brands are created differently and with various features, which are the best microwave drawers on the market? This microwave drawer reviews will reveal it.

A microwave is one of the most used appliances in most kitchens. However, without adequate counter space, these appliances can get in the way of doing things, thus discouraging users with limited counter spaces from investing in them.

The good news, however, is that you can benefit from a microwave in your kitchen without sacrificing the counter space once you invest in a microwave drawer.


The Best Microwave Drawer Reviews on the Market.


Our Top Pick

Sharp SMD2470ASY Microwave drawer 24″ or 30″

Taking the second position in our review is Sharp KB6524PSY. It is a redesigned model that guarantees user convenience. The microwave drawer features a handle-less design enabling it to blend in with a variety of kitchens.

It is made with stainless steel that is not only durable but also stylish. Easy to load, it is an easy-touch system that opens with a gentle pull or touch of a button. Moreover, the microwave drawer closes smoothly.

The reason is the automatic design that requires you to give it a small nudge to gently shut for you.

Something else that makes this microwave drawer a perfect choice is its sensor cook technology. In particular, the model integrates 11 sensor programs to eliminate guesswork while cooking.

What’s more, it features a large 1.2 cubic feet capacity. You can fit an up to 4-quarts casserole dish or 20 oz tall coffee cup in the space. The drawer features a sleek and low-profile design that complements any kitchen.

Additionally, it adopts an even gliding action that prevents liquids from spilling. The hidden control panel is another addition that opens at 45 degrees so that it is easy to read and operate.


  • Easy to assemble and start
  • Auto lubrication
  • Automatic tensioning system
  • Chain brake


  • Oil leakage is common
  • Kickback brake is oversensitive


Premium Pick

Sharp SMD2480CS Microwave drawer 24″

For a flush mount microwave drawer that opens and closes elegantly with a touch, I recommend Sharp SMD2480CS. It packs 950watts of cooking power, which is more than sufficient to heat any dish.

The drawer provides you with the flexibility of placing it, thanks to the ability to put it on a standard cabinet, island, or peninsula. It features a door that adopts an “Easy Wave Open” design. Because of this, you can gain quick and touchless access to the drawer.

The unit comprises a 1.2 cubic feet cavity, which is large enough for handling a 4-quart casserole dish or a 20 Oz beverage. Also, it features a concealed LED light that indicates the cooking mode. Eleven power levels are another addition.

With these, you can cook different foods fast and effortlessly. The microwave drawer adopts a smooth glide mechanism to prevent spills. Plus, an LED interior light illuminates the interior for easy viewing of the warming process.


  • Great quality for value/money ratio
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Air filter for easier cleaning
  • Anti-vibration system


  • A little heavy


Best Selling

Sharp KB6524PSY Microwave drawer 24″

Sharp KB6524PSY takes the lead in this review. It is a fantastic microwave drawer designed to add convenience to all kitchen types. The drawer blends in with a variety of kitchens, thanks to the high-quality stainless-steel finish.

It features a 12 cubic feet capacity, thus suitable for accommodating a 7″ tall mug or 20 Oz cup. Equipped with a keep-warm function, it can retain warm food for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, it is a versatile microwave drawer. You can install it below any electric or gas wall oven.

Sharp KB6524PSY is easy to use, thanks to the kitchen timer that protects you from losing track of time.

It adopts a sensor cook function. Because of this, you can utilize 11 sensor settings and leave the guesswork out of the cooking process. The minute-plus function is another feature. It allows you to add a minute to the cooking time with a lot of ease.

The microwave drawer incorporates a control lock that protects kids from operating it. Moreover, you can deactivate or lock the automatic door and control panel, further making the microwave drawer more secure.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Low kickback bar


  • Chain oiler isn’t automatic
  • Oil leaks


Sharp SMD2470AH Microwave drawer 24″

Improve your cooking experience with the help of Sharp SMD2470AH. As one of the best models in our Sharp microwave drawer review, it expands the options for placing your microwave and ensuring its accessibility.

The drawer features a low-profile design so that it doesn’t take much space. It features a stainless finish that matches a lot of kitchen decors. Its concealed display is another plus that enables it to complement any kitchen.

You can fit a 4-quart casserole dish or 20 Oz tall coffee cup, thanks to the spacious 1.2 cubic feet capacity.

Sharp microwave drawer packs 1000watts of heating power. It integrates a Sensor cook function to help you remove the guesswork from your cooking process. Adopting

Even cook technology, this microwave drawer can help you deliver professional results all the time. Better, it opens and closes elegantly with a touch, thanks to the Easy-touch automatic drawer system.

You can install the drawer below a wall oven, an island, standard cabinetry, or Peninsula.


  • Easy to start
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Handle for cutting in many directions
  • Great quality-to-price ratio


  • Leaks when stored with oil


Sharp SMD2489ES Microwave drawer 24″

Although it is one of the most expensive models in our sharp microwave drawer review, it comes with extra features that make it worth paying for.

For instance, the model is Wifi Enabled. Therefore, you can connect it to a mobile application in Android or iOS devices for smooth operation. Besides that, the unit offers 950watts of cooking power, more than enough to warm most meals.

With 11 individual power settings, you can effortlessly warm a variety of meals without any guesswork. Better, there are 27 cooking options for effortless and professional cooking results.

The microwave drawer is a perfect addition in modern kitchens, thanks to the glass touch panel that delivers a sleek and contemporary look. Besides, it adopts a “wave open” design for a quick and touchless opening.

The microwave drawer can be installed in the cabinetry, below an island, or below a wall oven. Moreover, you can flush mount it without obstructing the built-in air ventilation.

The microwave drawer adopts sensor heating options that detect each dish’s moisture and temperature levels to eliminate the guesswork from the cooking process.


  • Consistent, easy start
  • Good battery life
  • Speed trigger for speed control
  • Little noise


  • Chain oiler can cause problems


Bosch HMD8451UC 24″ Microwave Drawer

Simplify the cooking process without interfering with the results once you purchase Bosch HMD8451UC. It is a 24″ microwave drawer.

It packs 950watts of cooking power, more than enough for heating a variety of meals. Equipped with a spacious interior, the microwave drawer fits a 20 Oz cup or a 13″ x 9″ baking pan.

The drawer can flush mount to the cabinet, under a wall oven or the counter. It features a glass touch control panel with an LCD white display.

Plus, it has a low-profile design with touch open and close tabs for smooth operation. The automatic sensor programs are other additions that simplify the food preparation process.


  • 6300 RPM
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long battery life


  • Oil drips when stored


Bosch HMD8053UC 30″ Microwave Drawer

If you are looking for a Bosch Microwave Drawer with sufficient versatility for installation, I would like to recommend the HMD8053UC 30″ model.

You can install it under the countertop, below a wall oven, or on an Island. Better, it flush-mounts to cabinets for a sleek and low-profile appearance.

The microwave drawer includes an automatic shutoff that enables it to go off after the completion of the heating cycle. Additionally, it incorporates a child safety lock to prevent kids from operating it.

As one of the best microwave drawers in our Bosch microwave drawer review, the HMD8053UC offers 11 preset power levels that allow you to make multiple dishes without any guesswork.


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t have safety measures


Thermador MD24WS 24″ Microwave Drawer

Introducing Thermador MD24WS, it is a 24″ microwave drawer. It offers a spacious 1.2 cubic feet interior suitable for use with a 20 Oz cup or 13″ x 9″ pan.

The microwave drawer offers 950watts of microwave power ideal for preparing a variety of meals. Plus, it incorporates ten cooking modes, including a warm, melt, and soften mode for convenient and professional cooking.

You can flush-mount the unit in any standard depth cabinetry for a sleek and concealed. Besides, the microwave drawer features a premium glass touch control and blue LCD to enhance the modern look.

With this product, you do not have to use a handle while opening and closing, thanks to the touch open and close operation. And thanks to the sensor mode, the microwave drawer can sense the humidity level of the food and adjust the cooking time.


  • Can start in any weather condition
  • Easy to start
  • Anti-vibration


  • Not durable


Thermador MD30WS 30″ Microwave Drawer

From Thermador, we have the MD30WS 30″ microwave drawer. It offers a spacious 1.2 cubic feet capacity suitable for fitting a 20Oz cup or 13″ x 9″ pan. Besides that, the microwave drawer adopts a sensor cooking mode.

This technology helps it detect the humidity level and adjust the cooking level and time for professional results. The microwave drawer features ten cooking modes comprising a warm, soften, and melt mode.

It is easy to open and close because of the touch tabs that eliminate the need for using a handle. The microwave drawer flush mounts in any standard-depth cabinetry for a sleek and clean look.

Moreover, it adds a stylish and contemporary design in modern kitchens because of the blue LCD and premium glass touch control. You can use this product to prepare a variety of meals, thanks to the 950watts microwave power.


  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Easy starting


  • You have to tighten the chain with a tool


Wolf MD24TES 24” Microwave Drawer E Series

This is a flexible and versatile 24″ microwave drawer. You can install it in standard or flush inset applications. The drawer microwave offers a spacious 1.2 cubic feet capacity. Thus, it can accommodate oven pans up to 9″ x 13″ and standard cups with a 7″ height. The microwave drawer has a 950watts power suitable for warming most meals.

It features a classic stainless-steel finish that matches a variety of kitchen decors.

The E MD24TES Series Microwave Drawer integrates a control panel lock. Because of this, it is an excellent addition in homes with kids to prevent unwanted use.

Also, the microwave includes ten power levels and a sensor cooking mode. The power levels make it ideal for preparing various foods while eliminating guesswork.

On the other hand, the sensor mode detects the food’s moisture level and adjusts the cooking time and power level for delicious and professional results from all foods.


  • Features that support easier start
  • Bumper spikes, sprocket nose for control
  • Auto oiler
  • 7-year warranty


  • Chain adjuster can malfunction


Wolf MD30TES 30” Microwave Drawer E Series

If you are looking for a bigger Microwave Drawer from Wolf, you might want to invest in the MD30TES 30” Microwave Drawer. It is easy to operate, thanks to ten power levels that enable it to warm different types of foods without guesswork. Moreover, the microwave drawer can make different types of food. The reason is the 950watts power rating that provides more than enough microwave heat. The drawer can be installed in a corner, under the counter, or in a cabinetry wall for easy food access. It features a spacious 1.2 cubic feet capacity that holds cups up to 7″ tall and microwave pans up to 9″ x 13″. The microwave drawer features a classic stainless-steel finish that matches most kitchen decors. It features a keep-warm function that maintains warm food for up to 99 minutes. The kitchen timer can be set for up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds for the convenient preparation of a variety of meals.


  • Lowvib system
  • Powerful and fast – 9000 rpm, 3.62 HP
  • Safety break


  • Heavy


Viking VMOD5240SS Microwave Drawer

As one of the best microwave drawers, Viking VMOD5240SS features a commercial type styling design. It is slim and designed to tuck in under countertops, beneath a wall oven or on an island. Besides that, it features heavy-duty construction. Thus, it is an ideal option for a durable microwave drawer. The microwave oven has a 1.2 cubic feet capacity suitable for holding a 9″ x 13″ dish. It includes 11 variable power levels making it ideal for preparing different types of meals. A sensor function can detect the food’s moisture level and adjust the power level and cooking time automatically. Besides, there is a child safety lock. Because of this, you do not have to worry about the unwanted operation by kids. You can take advantage of the add-a-minute button to add a minute to the cooking time. Plus, there is a keep-warm feature. The feature keeps the food warm for up to 30 minutes without causing it to dry up.


  • Automatic turn off
  • Powerful and fast (almost 10 000RPM)
  • Electric


Reasons a Microwave Drawer is a Good Choice for Your Kitchen

1. They save you valuable kitchen space

Do you want to save some counter space and use it for something more substantial? Well, this is one of the important reasons to install a microwave drawer. Unlike conventional freestanding microwaves that consume up to 4 square feet of the space, microwave drawers install like cabinets to save the counter space.

2. They blend with most kitchens

The best Microwave Drawers offer you a variety of options to install them. For instance, you can install them under the counter or on an island. Moreover, you can flush-mount them with the cabinetry or stack them with a single oven to maintain all cooking appliances in one place.

3. They are safer & easier to reach

Microwave drawers are supposed to be installed in the cabinetry, which results in them being on a lower height compared to a microwave placed on the countertop. Thus, you can take heavy plates and hot drinks out of the drawer easily without worrying about hot spills.

4.Easy to clean

Microwave drawers are easy to clean. The drawers do not include a rotating plate eliminating the need for you to clean extra supplies. Also, the drawers feature smooth surfaces that wipe clean easily. And best of all, the drawers do not have nooks where food can get stuck.

5. Childproof

You might be worried about having your child access and operate your microwave drawer, more importantly, when you install it at your kid’s height level. The good news, however, is, the best microwave drawers integrate a child lock. Thus, a kid cannot operate it alone, a measure that guarantees safety.

Buyer’s Guide: How We Chose the Top Microwave Drawers in Our List

1. Convenience and Ease of Use

The reviewed products are convenient and easy to use. You can use them to warm a range of foods, thanks to the individual power settings that make that possible. Moreover, these microwave drawers include easy to use controls and LCD screens for smooth operation. The sensor heating function is another feature that makes these models easy to use, given its ability to sense the moisture level of individual foods and customize the time and power levels to each meal for professional results at all times.

2. Size and Aesthetics

If you are looking for fashionable microwave drawers, any of the reviewed products will satisfy your urge. These appliances are good looking with modern and elegant colors and designs. Thus, they serve as an excellent addition to contemporary kitchen decors. For the size, the above products come in 24″ and 30″ widths. Therefore, be sure to consider the available installation space so that you can purchase a compatible model.

3. Extra Features

Besides aesthetics and easy operation, these models incorporate other extra features that make them worth looking into. For instance, models such as Wolf MD30TES and Sharp SMD2470ASY incorporate a child safety lock. Thus, they are one of the best choices for use in homes with kids. Besides that, models like Sharp KB6524PSY and Viking VMOD5240SS include a minute-plus function that adds a minute to the cooking time.

12. Others: Anti-vibration, air purge, and similar

Antivibration is going to be less demanding on your body as you will need to spend less energy on controlling the machinery. Antivibration is also a good option if you are dealing with injuries like carpal or cubital syndrome as it gets aggravated when you are using vibrating devices.
Air purge affects fuel delivery to the carburetor. You should confirm that it functions properly on the model that you are getting because its malfunction can cause the saw to turn off.

Countertop Microwave vs. Microwave Drawer

There are several differences between a countertop microwave and a microwave drawer.

Advantages of a Microwave drawer over a countertop microwave

  1. With a microwave drawer, you can save considerably much countertop space. A countertop drawer rests on the countertop, which means less countertop space.
  2. Shorter people and kids can access microwave drawers safely, given that it installs in the lower cabinets. However, the same individuals may have to climb on a stool to reach a countertop microwave.
  3. Standard microwaves are inconvenient for left-handed people because of the standard hinged doors. Microwave drawers are convenient for all, given the ability to press a button for them to open or close.

Disadvantages of a Microwave drawer over a countertop microwave

  1. A microwave drawer is expensive while compared to countertop microwaves.
  2. A microwave drawer doesn’t offer the option of convection cooking. A countertop microwave does.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Microwave Drawers Reliable?

Well, yes. Microwave drawers are reliable. They are needed to help you warm up the food, and the best microwave drawers can handle that effectively. Like all appliances, however, you are likely to face some challenges with a microwave drawer, where most users report that it is a bit challenging to install.

2. Is a Microwave Drawer Worth it?

Yes, a microwave drawer is a good investment. Unlike a microwave that warms one dish at a time, microwave drawers can accommodate multiple dishes. Also, the warmers can control the temperatures based on the food, keep the food warm, and retain the flavor and quality of the food.

3. How much do microwave drawers cost?

Compared to typical microwaves, microwave drawers are quite expensive, ranging from $1000 to $2000.

4. Can you install a microwave in a cabinet?

Yes, you can install a microwave in a cabinet. This is one of the best installation methods when you want to have a clean look.

5. What sizes are available for microwave drawers?

You can acquire a 24″ microwave drawer or 30″ microwave drawer. The funny thing about this, however, is that the interior dimensions remain constant with these sizes offering 1.2 cubic feet interior.


A microwave drawer is an efficient option when you need to add a microwave in your kitchen without consuming additional counter space. It also acts as one of the best choices for a microwave that is easy to clean and stylish in any decor. Therefore, invest in any of the reviewed products to avoid settling for a low-quality microwave drawer that is not worth buying.

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