10 Best Benchtop Jointer 2021 Review and Buyer’s Guide

by Jul 25, 2020

Top 3 Best Benchtop Jointer of 2021

Best Selling

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6′ Jointer

  • Front-mounted touch controls
  • 1000 cooking watts 
  • Two preprogrammed reheat settings 
  • Auto-Touch control panel
  • Pull/push handle 

Our Top Pick


  • Keep warm feature 
  • Child lock for safety.
  • Sleek low-profile design.
  • Concealed control panel 
  • Pre-programmed reheat function 

Premium pick

Delta 37-071Bench Top Jointer 37-71

  • Low sides and virtual Carousel
  • Auto-defrost & sensor cook functions
  • Low-profile stainless steel design
  • Drawer blends in your kitchen 
  • A concealed control panel

Best Benchtop Jointer Comparison Chart

Best Selling

Our Top Pick

Premium Pick

Product Image Porter Cable PC160JT Cutech 40180H-CT 8” Bench Jointer Delta 37-071Bench Top Jointer 37-71
Product Name Porter Cable PC160JT Cutech 40180H-CT 8” Bench Jointer Delta 37-071Bench Top Jointer
Motor 110Volts/2HP 120Volts/10AMP 120Volts/12AMP
Fence Stops 0˚-45˚ 90˚-135˚ 90˚ and 45˚ In/Out
Cutter Head Speed 11, 000 RPM 12,000 RPM 10, 000 RPM
Weight 35 lbs 49 lbs 76 lbs
Warranty 3 Years 2 Years 5 Years
More Information Buy It Now Buy It Now Buy It Now

The Best Benchtop Jointer on the Market.


Our Top Pick


CUTECH 40180H-CT usually describe themselves as reliable and their products as built-to-last; the more reason it is listed among the best benchtop jointer. And according to their building specifications, this is not just a promise but a fulfilled one.

The CUTECH 40180H-CT is our pick because it uses spiral cutters instead of typical helical cutters. As soon as the product arrived, we check it out, and within 30 minutes, it was already working.

And all these we did after we set up the aluminum fence and wiped off the packaging oil. We loved how it was smooth and how it gave a finished product, only better than anything that we have seen in the market.

This tool is quite light and not very heavy, and it runs with lesser sound than most of the benchtop jointers out there. This tool is our pick for you for your home. A alongside its ease of use is that it is straightforward to clean with a suitable VAC. You will be working in an environment that is mess-free.

One of the difficulties we had when using it was with hardwoods. Although it was able to cut through it, the engine slowed down, so you should be careful when you are cutting through hardwoods.


  • Effortless to set up
  • Excellent finish on the wood
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t cut through hardwoods fast enough


Premium Pick

Delta 37-071 Bench Top Jointer 37-71

This manufacturer has a good reputation in the tools industry; its products shine through all others and create satisfaction with all those who use them.

The benchtop that delta makes is one of the cheapest out there and will go for the best option that you can use as a starter. It can be used for smaller projects, and it is suitable for any thick wood.

The unit comes with a good weight, which explains its stability and excellent control when in use. The table and fence are also cast iron; this gives the jointer a better accuracy in the way it cuts.

If you want to buy the best and guaranteed benchtop jointer, then the Delta 37-071 should be your go-to tool. It should not take you long to assemble the jointer when you get it.


  • suitable for hardwood and sturdy


  • manual tool and non-intelligible


Best Selling

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6′ Jointer

It ranks very high for its price, and it will suit better for any level of craftsmanship; even if you are a beginner or an expert, this tool is right just for you. Setting up this tool doesn’t take long, and it comes with a lot more units than other models in the market.

The table that comes with this jointer is one of the largest in the market; hence it is a good option for you when you want to handle larger projects.

It comes with a set of screws used to piece things together, which allows for enough stability in your adjustment. The blades are easily adjusted and fitted just to ensure that you have a clean cut.

With this machine, you can make a clean and accurate 90-degree cut and lock the unit’s speed when you need to; between 6000 and 11000 rpm.


  • It has excellent value
  • Easy to assemble
  • adjustable blade speed


  • Flimsy fence


Best Value


This product is a solid one that just everyone will be able to use and also be proud to own. It comes with a flat outfeed and infeed that will give quality even with its considerably low price. The shop fox’s fence can be placed 90 degrees and then expected to stay there without any complications.

It has cast iron tables and cast-iron fences; these give it a substantial-quality and make it a heavyweight unit. The weight will make it sit when in use, and it doesn’t matter where it is placed.

Sometimes, it can be considered as too heavy to move, but this makes up for portability, especially in the type of wood that is gotten out of it.

The Motor of the SHOP FOX W1829 moves sharply and without much noise. This is irrespective of the wood that is being cut or processed.

You can be assured of not having any problem while you are processing the wood to your needs. With this tool, you will be able to get a wood that is sleek and has a beautiful texture.

It will require some little adjustments, and this adjustment is needed straight out of the box; and during times of blade adjustments, you can easily refit and have any replacements or screws to come very quickly. The blades that also come with the SHOP FOX W1829 are also pre-packed and very sharp.

The Motor has a 1-1/2 horsepower, 110V, 12 amp; single-phase while the cutter head speed is 10,000 RPM, 20,000 cuts per minute. The Two-knife HSS cutter head will give you perfect cuts, fully adjustable aluminum fence with stops. 2-1/2-inch dust port keeps work area clear of dust

Includes free pair of safety push blocks; it comes with a built-in mini dust collection fan that is an impeller driven and collection bag. Its Cutter head diameter is at 1-7/8 inch.


  • works with less noise
  • very easy adjustable blades
  • quite affordable
  • comes with cast-iron tables and fence


  • The tables usually don’t align
  • fence does not tighten up well enough


Runner Up

JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 6-Inch 1 HP Jointer

This tool is quite okay for being the first option for just anyone looking for the best benchtop jointer in the market. The effort that the manufacturers have put into this machine has not been wasted.

The JET 708457DXK will help boost your satisfaction and guarantee that you have a high-quality result irrespective of the boards you work on. This is the perfect choice for you if your work needs full-size equipment and excellent results.

Some features make this benchtop jointer stand out; it is run by dual 1HP Motor. The equipment is powered by some reasonable volt of electricity, and despite the option of volts that you choose (115 or 230), you will have the Motor running at its best. You have nothing to worry about as it handles all jobs efficiently.

The design carries the intention of the manufacturers aiming at the ease of use. And irrespective of the durable features it has, you can make adjustments of the infeed table. And through its control, you can conveniently move the tool very comfortably when you rotate them.

One thing that makes this tool easy to use and that it has some convenient push buttons that will give you more control over it.

However, one of the difficulties with using this tool is that it can be challenging to adjust, and it is cumbersome.


  • table is durable
  • precision cut cast-iron
  • fence is easy to use, adjust to suitable angles
  • 5-year warranty


  • It is cumbersome
  • vibrates during operation
  • No helical cutter head.


Grizzly Industrial G0725-6′ x 28′ Benchtop Jointer

A famous brand like the Grizzly Industrial is also strong and durable, used as a good benchtop jointer. This benchtop is made of steel and can take any kind of wood that you run at it.

It has excellent fence support, and this is entirely adjustable. It is a good option for anyone that is trying out various kinds of wood types.

All types of wood can be used on this tool, and it will be smooth; the tool will leave a smooth and silky feel on the surface. It has a powerful fan to blow dust out of the surface of the working area.

It has a motor inside, and it is quite powerful. It also comes with a built-in dust collector that allows you to fit a complete jointer. Its cutter head comes with two knives.


  • 6300 RPM
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long battery life


  • Oil drips when stored



The WEN 6560 is priced correctly; hence it should have some useful features since it comes with a high price. However, the overall quality wasn’t really up to par. Having 80lbs is a kind of stout for the benchtop, and it needs some other form of robustness.

Also, the bench was twisted, and this prevents it from forming a perfect square.


  • comes with a 2-year warranty
  • 20000 CPM speed


  • fence won’t square, and it’s twisted
  • quite expensive
  • not portable since it is 80 lbs


Jet JJP-8BT 8” Benchtop Jointer Planer Combo

This is more than a benchtop jointer, and it performs double duty, doing the work of a planner too. It has a powerful horsepower; about 3. It has a motor spinning two high-speed knives, and this cleans the edge effortlessly.

The motor speed is 18,000 CPM, although this is not the best class, it is also an excellent way to start as a starter. The price attached to the tool is a good start, and the size accommodates working with large boards.


  • combo jointer and a perfect planer
  • board size is 8″ in size


  • tables do not line up correctly
  • some bolts get loosed
  • dust collector cracks from much pressure



This benchtop jointer some features that resemble those of the Delta 37—071. It has a cast iron for the fence, which is unlike every other benchtop jointer.

This feature gives it a bulky weight and reduced machine vibrations, with more stability and durability.

If you do woodworking as a hobby, you will enjoy its stability. The dust collector feature is perfect especially if you don’t have.


  • Stability
  • cheaper than the Delta


  • No User Manual


RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6″ Benchtop Jointer

This product built by RIKON has a very stout tool, and it comes with a 5-year warranty, which shows that the manufacturer has a plan for it to last long.

Although it will last quite a while, yet it has some difficulties while using it. When you position the fence, it usually moves out of place, and this spoils the measurement.

The dust collector port is beautiful, but it has some difficulty since it clogs easily if you do not add a vacuum while working.


  • It is quite dependable
  • It comes with a 5-years warranty


  • motor comes as a 10 amp
  • don’t have a vacuum
  • shaves with clog the collector

How we selected Best Benchtop Jointer

1. Bench Type

The type of jointer you use is one way we selected the best for you. And we used this to analyze the best tool that will give you a smooth cut.

We also checked the benchtop jointer that will be easy to transport and those that are best suitable for being in one place. We also tested the best for intricate cutting and how efficient they can do those complex cuttings.

2. Size of the Jointer

Most of the benchtop cutters are economical and will not allow for proper cuttings and shaping. We looked into this, too, and check those that will provide more space for you when working.

Despite the need for ample working space, we also checked those that will help you give the best space in your garage.

3. Cutter Depth

The depth the blade can cut is also another way to assess the benchtop jointer. The jointer also provides you with some option to adjust, yet we analyzed how feasible the adjustings will go and how efficient they will become.

So, benchtop jointer that does not give good adjustability was removed from the list of our best benchtop jointer. The depth of the benchtop jointer can go a long way toward how fast and how deep you can cut.

4. Power

The power referred to here is the amount of force that is applied. This usually varies from one jointer to another, and we checked this properly before making our list. A jointer that runs 2HP is not often an issue, but we also noticed that the higher the power, the higher the jointer’s cost.

Buyer’s Guide: What to consider when buying Benchtop Jointer

1. cutting capacity

The cutting capacity is the highest lumber width that the jointer can handle. The 6inches are the smallest the jointer can buy, and it will fit most of your budgets. It is very refreshing to use and portable.

8inhches will provide more flexibility because it gives you the option to joint more full boards. At the same time, the 16 inches is for professional works and is suitable for industrial workshops.

2. Infeed and outfeed table length

As a primary rule, you should comfortably handle wood that is more than the jointer’s table; the table alignment is a crucial aspect of having a very dependable result.

3. Adjustable fence

Some of the fences can be placed at positive tops such as 45, 90, and 135 degrees; however, most of your jointings will occur at 90 degrees. You should ensure the benchtop jointer has an excellent adjustable fence.

4. Noise Output Efficiency

A working benchtop jointer should function with a reduced noise since it can be a source of noise pollution.

5. Motor

The standard motor comes with a 110v and with a single-phase outlet; some jointers sometimes allow wiring up to 220v single phase.

6. Dust collection

Shaving wood usually generates lots of dust, and this should also be taken into consideration. If keeping a clean workshop is your priority, you should choose a benchtop jointer to manage the dust produced in the workshop.

7. Motor

You should check for the amount of space that you have available in your workshop; also, check if you will like a jointer that is fixed. Also, check if you want to build your own storage space.

8. Cutterhead type

Straight Knives

This knife is the most common, and it spins on a vertical axis along with the jointer and these knives are made of solid steel.

Spiral Knives

These knives are designed with some advanced technology, they spin as they are used to cut, and they allow some more silent operation.

Spiral Inserts

This version includes several inserts; the inserts for 6-inch benchtops are 12 while 8inch benchtops are 16.

Types of Benchtop Jointers


These can only accommodate projects that have boards with lengths of 6and 12 inches. It works best by straightening the edges of the boards.

Long Bed

This tool is much longer than the benchtop. I can accommodate boards between 6 and 12 inches. An excellent example of a long bed is the JET 708457DXK

Jointer vs thickness planer

Both the jointer and the thickness planer work in similar ways, especially to remove materials and to create smooth surfaces, but they do different works; the jointer will straighten the face and edge at the same time, making them square to each other. Simultaneously, a thickness planer is used to make the opposite face and the edge parallel with the different surfaces.

The fact is that you must own both machines, but they are both costly. But if you are a starter, you should go for a jointer first because it can also square the stock, which is more important.

Benchtop jointer vs stationary tool

A benchtop jointer is a tool perfect for a beginner and someone who takes woodworking as a hobby. Also, professionals in smaller shops will find this tool useful. If your woodwork is with smaller to medium items, you can use a 6 to the 8-inch jointer.

The benchtop jointers are better than the stationary tools because of their speed; they also provide a more straightforward user interface. The benchtop jointers are also cheaper than buying lumber.

Safety tips for jointing stock

There are needs for tips to be safe, especially when dealing with machines that have to do with blades. You will need to follow maximum protection, especially to reduce injuries and other accidents that could occur.

  • You should wear protective gear all the time you are working.
  • Ensure you do not wear jewelry, clothing that is lost as the blades can pull them.
  • Ensure that the guard is positioned correctly
  • Also, your hands should not be on the boards as they usually go over the cutters
  • On no account should you stand behind the jointer
  • Also, ensure that you do not cut pieces smaller than 12 inches
  • It would help if you always used a push block when you are working
  • Wear safety glasses and something to protect your ears

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Are Helical Cutters Better Than Straight Knives?

The helical insert heads are not quite cheap, but they still have an advantage over the straight knives because they can cut through delicate woods and have a high figured stock.

2. Should I Buy A Benchtop Jointer, Long Bed Jointer, Or Closed Stand Jointer?

Having a benchtop jointer is better for a beginner. If you have woodwork as a hobby, then the benchtop jointer is better off.

3. What Are The Components Of A Jointer?

The functional parts of a jointer include the infeed table, cutter table, outfeed table, the guard, and the fence. You will need to go through the safety training to use these parts.

4. How Do You Feed Wood Into The Jointer?

You should feed the wood into the tool, putting the rough edge to face down. You can do this feeding as many times as it is needed for it to be smooth.

5. How Do You Maintain A Benchtop Jointer?

You can maintain the bench by taking on a routine cleaning with a dry cloth after work. Ensure you work the specification wood that is suited for your benchtop jointer.


So we have listed the top 5 benchtop jointers for you that are currently in the market. There are several out there; hence you should remember to consider the space you want it installed before you buy them. You should also check the recommendations we made base on the price and durability. Whatever choice you make, ensure you consider the entire factor.

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